Our Services:

  • Returns

    An efficient single point for processing returns


  • Asset

    Refurbishing returned goods to ‘as new’ or ‘graded’ standard


  • Warranty

    Providing a cost effective alternative to in-home repair solutions


  • WEEE

    Preparatory treatment of waste and secure storage of hazardous/non-hazardous waste


Asset recovery – selling direct to the customer


Servicecare’s unique processes, technical capabilities, accreditations and resale capabilities ensure that the maximum value in a returned electrical product can be recovered. This is achieved in two different ways:

1. Refurbishment & Warranty

Servicecare recognise that many retail business models utilise a Bought-Out Guarantee (BOG) and/or a No Returns Agreement (NRA.) Through its relationships with many leading manufacturers, Servicecare offers a service that allows warranties to be verified, and wherever possible, reclaim costs of repair and refurbishment direct from the manufacturers.

This requires a consistent grading standard and ensures that all refurbished products processed by Servicecare can be sold with a full 12 months manufacture or Servicecare warranty. This capability is unique to Servicecare and testament to our extensive industry accreditations.

Servicecare can refurbish electrical and tech products to ‘as new’ or a ‘graded’ standard which allows for a quick return to saleable condition, enabling our customers to decrease capital in stock by reducing the refurbishment lead-times.

2. Resale

Once all quality and testing checks have been completed, products are ready for resale.

Servicecare offer a range of direct to consumer sales channels that enable our customers to achieve the highest possible price. These channels also allow us to sell high product volumes in the absence of a customer owned secondary resale channel, or where required, via a non-conflicting channel.

These include Genesis, eBay accredited partner sites (branded or white label) and our own direct sales channel Electrical Deals. This flexibility in choice is made possible by Servicecare’s unique highly detailed grading capability carried out as part of the refurbishment and warranty process.

These channels are established routes to market and maximise the value of refurbished products without any additional logistics and warehousing costs. All our resale channels are supported through Servicecare’s own warranty provision and are therefore totally independent. Should the retailer/manufacturer have its own resale channels the refurbished goods can be graded to suit these sales channels, and the appropriate grading criteria chosen to add the maximum value at minimum cost.