Our Services:

  • Returns

    An efficient single point for processing returns


  • Asset

    Refurbishing returned goods to ‘as new’ or ‘graded’ standard


  • Warranty

    Providing a cost effective alternative to in-home repair solutions


  • WEEE

    Preparatory treatment of waste and secure storage of hazardous/non-hazardous waste


Why Choose Servicecare for Consumer Electronics Repair and Remarketing?

The advantages of choosing an accredited, experienced returns partner

return logistics staff member

As in-store consumer electronics sales continue to flag, it’s more important than ever to minimise the effect of returned items on bottom lines.

It’s also an increasingly competitive picture online – with 83% of online consumers saying they “would not shop with a retailer they have had a bad returns experience with.” And a significant factor in that end user’s experience is engaging an effective recovery, repair and refurbishment partner.

With efficiency as a core focus, Servicecare‘s end-to-end service helps retailers deliver the hassle-free returns process their customers want. And with a diligent approach to quality, it also ensures a quick return to saleable condition for maximum value recovery:

End-to-end service. One point of contact.

Testing, repair, refurbishment, remarketing and logistics – all under one banner; Servicecare’s end-to-end service means a single point of contact during the entire consumer item repair and refurbishment cycle.

Owing to our centralised process, using Servicecare is far faster and more cost-effective than in-home repairs – our unique control systems allow us to work under the existing warranty and repair the item on behalf of the manufacturer or retailer. Compared to returning the item back to its origin for repair, the time and costs involved are fractional.

Our logistics capabilities are also unique; in 2014, Clipper Group logistics acquired Servicecare – giving access to their impressive Europe-wide infrastructure. It means our reverse logistics service is first-rate; since the acquisition, Servicecare as an alternative has had the use of 300+ vehicles operating out of 47 depots across the EU. We’re not beholden to freight contractors – so neither are our retail partners. For them, that translates to a fast, effective, genuine point-to-point service.

Transparency and accountability.

Thanks to our in-house SMS-based tracking system, every item’s journey is 100% transparent and traceable. From the moment an item reaches us, our clients can see exactly where in the process each item is – and when it is due for re-sale or return.

Because our customers don’t need to waste resources chasing items, our SMS service helps reduce unnecessary labour costs – as well as offering and accurate timescales and invaluable peace of mind.

Experience and expertise.

Founded in 1995, Servicecare now processes more than 1 million audio visual, IT and small domestic appliances each year – including more than 130,000 TVs. Our team of 300+ professional staff, all expertly trained in their field, ensure a first-time fix – providing a superior end result while keeping costs down.

It’s that experience and expertise that’s trusted by a host of household name retailers – like Amazon, Argos, ao.com, Sainsbury’s and Richer Sounds.

Professional accreditation.

All of our consumer item repair and refurbishment procedures are ISO 9001-accredited. That doesn’t just mean we meet all statutory and regulatory requirements. It also means we can better service the needs of our customers through reduced labour and parts costs – a benefit we pass on to our partners.

A clean social conscience.

Servicecare is committed to minimising the effect of returned good refurbishment on the environment. That’s why our services include the effective treatment of waste and secure storage of hazardous/non- hazardous waste. Our extensive WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) processes also include the capture of dangerous gasses, including freon. So you can be confident any waste electrical items will be disposed of correctly – helping your organisation meet its environmental duty of care.

For more information on how Servicecare can help effectively return goods to saleable condition, call 0161 688 1537.

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